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  1. i don't have XEXMenu installed. So i tryied to install it , but i never manage to see my USB key detected by Xtaff nor Horizon. the stick is well formated by the xbox, detected by windows, but never displayed in soft.... So i burnt a XEXMenu iso cd. So i was able to launch XEXMenu, but nothing special occured, with usb stick plugged before or after boot. I don't know what to try now. I'm pretty sur that my systemupdate is on the good version. At least the name is well 17502, i don't know if i can check content file ? Do you have a link / website for me to be sure to have a proper version of 17502 system update? Can a systemupdate be definitely blocked in any way (hard mod, soft confir of FSD or ........) Thanks
  2. hi, i have the same problem, but no more ideas.... i would really appreciate if someone could help me i just updated my 360 slim, by generating a kernel update using xebuild GUI 2.098, without any problem. (plugged USb stick with proper data, boot on xell by eject button) and all is ok I'm now in 17502, but i lost kinect. And i'm unable to install system update i already try : - put $$ystemUpdate and $SystemUpdate on a usb stick, before and after booting - disabling "noupdate" in FSD - i don't find any "sysext" folder on my drives - plug usb when in microsoft standart dashboard - try with 2 different usb stick and directly with $$ystemUpdate and $SystemUpdate on the usb hard drive => i never see the update prompt i have a 360 slim with RGH. i have an usb HDD and a usb stick i think i have a 4gb internal "drive", but i'm not sure i boot directly on FSD Can someone help me ? sorry for my english, i'm french :-)
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