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  1. you were right! it really worked, thanks a lot
  2. ok, then what should i do now. how do i know if is it really working or not. is this a general network error or just on my xbox? (PS:my internet is working on freestyle and also working well on my ipad, cellphone and pc)
  3. my internet is working well, but when i try to download covers, the thing is working really well, the covers are actually downloading but there are not available in aurora. covers are downloading now but not working
  4. im connected now but i cannot get an api key for updates. i also downloaded game covers but there are not covers, game covers were downloaded but are not working my login name is Sonikku
  5. maybe not, ill check it out later i think you are right, i dont have dashlaunch installed at the first place, ill check it out later, thanks
  6. My aurora is not connecting to the internet even when my WiFi is connected I can freely use it on freestyle (even downloading covers) but I cannot download game covers while using aurora. I don't know what to do, I would really appreciate your help. Thanks
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