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  1. [tut]How to setup Aurora with system link

    Man, I feel so dumb not scrolling up for a couple of posts in here. I disabled RSS feed and it worked. Great thanks you guys!
  2. [tut]How to setup Aurora with system link

    Hi everyone, who still uses xbox360 with Aurora. I have installed DashLaunch and Aurora on my xbox360. I tried to join a Diablo 3 via Link but didn't succeed. I set all settings like in the TC first post (my box passes all validation like port reaching, login on xboxunity, etc) and then lauch Diablo 3 with TU #2 like it should be. And when I'm on the main menu I push Guide button and then choose System Link. A new window with rooms appeared and on the bottom I can see some preparing message or something. And then my console just turns off Am I mistaken in my settings or what? Any help would be appreciated. If you need to see any of my settings I will post screenshots here just ask. Thanks in advance!