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  1. hey guys i hid a game on aurora by accident but now i cant find how to get it back, any idea how i do this?
  2. i got it going by looking through all the posts i could find on it and someone (might have been you mate) said maybe a few files might have been corrupt so a fresh install did the trick happy days thanks mate
  3. hey mate ive checked and ive got xhttp enabled but it still wont download, do i need to log in to unity for it to work because it keeps saying there is a problem and to try later but never lets me log in
  4. hey guys i cant seem to download the cover art for my games on aurora, it works fine on fsd but i cant seem to get it working on aurora, is there anything extra i need to do to get it working?
  5. Cheers mate I just wanted to test it before I set it up to boot straight to it
  6. hey guys i want to test aurora but not sure where i put the files that i download, do i just extract the rar and put the folder on my external hard drive then use xex menu to navigate to the aurora.xex file, would that work?
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