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  1. Are you behind a router? You left some unanswered questions. While I agree that Aurora is better and use it more myself. I always rip my games to hdd with Freestyle dash. From all I read unfortunately all support for FSD has ended. I attached my unofficial tutorial showing 2 methods of getting and uploading your game cover art. Tutorial How to Connect and use Freestyle 3.pdf
  2. I've tried 0.993 there's been so many I tried but I remember trying the 2 step one. After reading this (https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/help-with-xell.1261714/) I'm going to attempt to get xell up and running with wifi opposed to manually connecting into the consoles. I'm hoping for the best but if this does work someone needs to fix xell as there are obvious security reasons why someone wouldn't want to download their cpu, dvd, keys and fuse sets over a wireless internet connection. No luck when xell loads using wifi connection (with router side reserved ip and launching xell from Aurora file manager which detects the ip as *network init *initializing lwip 1.4.0.r2... *requesting dhcp.................................failed *now assigning a static ip *starting httpd server.....SUCCESS
  3. I combed this forum and didn't find anything for this specific topic. I have been through like 10 different versions etc of xell and have a problem connecting into xell. I have tried various methods. If anyone can post a link for a known working copy for my console just to be sure I'm using the correct one... My info according to dashlaunch (V3.19 (592) says: Board: Trinity Flash: Trinity Type: Glitch 2 Kernel: 2.0.17526.0 I'm using the HDMI Methods I have tried and this did work for FSD Rev775 to get into the WebGUI. I've hooked a crossover cable into the router from the Xbox 360 (Port 1) and a crossover cable from laptop into the router (Port 2) so I know it's on the same network. I left the IP settings at automatic and watched as Xell loaded and showed an IP Address of and opened up my browser on the laptop and tried and it returns the same thing. <http><head><title>404</title></head> <body>404 - Document not found</body></html> I tried manually assigning the xbox and laptop ip addresses (thinking this will eliminate any problems or setting within the router) Xbox 360: IP Address: Subnet Mask: Gateway: Prefered DNS: I setup the router to reserve the IP Address for the xbox 360. (Ap Isolation is turned off - all devices can communicate with each other) * That setting is what gets most novice FSD users. Now on the laptop I manually assigned info IP Address: Subnet Mask: Gateway: Prefered DNS: These settings got me right into the FSD Webgui but nothing seems to work for Xell or Xell reloaded. I've tried using normal Cat 5 cables too instead of crossover cables. I've tried both allowing the xbox 360 and laptop to automatically assign info and manually setting the IP info. I've tried connecting both to the router and tried using a Cat5 cable and a crossover cable right from the 360 to laptop. Anyone that can help or offer suggestions. Anything in Dash launch that might be preventing me from connecting? (was my first thought with Live Block and Live Strong but the Xbox 360 Slim (E) doesn't even have dashlaunch on the hdd.) I'll recheck to make sure it isn't installed and hidden somewhere but to all knowledge it's not even on the slim (E) and it has the same problems connecting into Xell. I've got some really nice consoles and I'd hate to screw these up. Questioning myself...thinking of my xbox 360 like a router...the router's ip is when I type that into my browser I get the router's page but this is returning 404 errors....I know it's trying to connect because I see on the 360 "connection closed" after hitting the refresh button on my browser. I've also when using the router method seen under active connections (router side) "Xell". Is this a problem in my browser?? My router login pages work correctly and I can get into FSD webgui??? After the router setting and manually assigning the xbox ip xell is giving the ip of On the 360 Trinity: I tried changing the settings in dashlaunch: xhttp: disabled=False and tried True devlink: disabled=False and tried True Live Strong: enabled= False and tried True xbox-xell returns "closing connection." "recieved NULL" "closing connection."
  4. Personally I would prefer to write down my xbox 360 mac address and log into my ddwrt router and block any microsoft websites from connecting to it...adding another safety net....and using mac filtering only allowing for instance a pc or tablet to login to stuff like the fsd3 server etc.
  5. Introducing myself here I guess. I am a pc repair tech, certified network professional, software engineer and webmaster. The first computer I learned to code on was the TI994A back in the early 80's in Basic. I mod chipped my 1st PS1 myself with a Matrix Infinity, My PS2 I softmodded with FreeMCBoot. I am a little newer to the Jtag/Rgh but learning quickly. Before Xbox was released Microsoft released an official motherboard. From my knowledge it didn't sell so Bill Gates decided to use it for a console instead. He probably tweaked the thing out adding power functions to the bios like voltage settings etc. We the end user can't simply press the Delete key to enter the Xbox BIOS to view any voltage settings. Correct me if I am wrong but Ohm's is a measurement of the resistance of electricity? (regarding the cd/dvd 'pot tweak'...what is stopping them from adding hidden code in updates etc that alters these voltage settings (mod chip killer)....so Ohm's is resistance to electricity but using the pot tweak might "fix it" now if these voltage settings were raised and you adjust the resistance of electricity to the laser....now it works? but they change that voltage again...but the ohm's? ..***.now your resistance to electricity is lowered with a higher amount of voltage***....passing right between your board and the cd/dvd drive (hmmm anything else that sits in between?)
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