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  1. felida, thank you for all your time and effort finding all that information. I'll dig deeper into it as I encounter more problems. So far everything works just fine. Once again thank you!!
  2. That brings a question how to make it ALL play nicely with one another without constantly "juggling" dashlaunch settings? Can the dashlaunch be set in such way that games that require fakelive/autofake and games like Speedrunner HD need it disabled can all get along. Are those 0x00000000 slots for that kind of setup?
  3. OMG IT WORKS!!!! It never occurred to me that I should disable BOTH!! I thought (read somewhere) that one or the other (fakelive/autofake) has to be on for XBLIG to work! MANY, MANY thanks for the video, your time and effort!!!
  4. Could you make the video? If possible with your settings for dashlaunch? I only have the 200MB version. Perhaps the other is just Speedrunner, without the "HD" part in it's name? Which version are you testing?
  5. Thanks again for another reply. Fakelive is off. Wish I could include image without linking to another service. But fakelive is red and says disabled Could I ask for the link to that website/thread if possible? Thank you
  6. Thanks for the reply, but I don't think that is it. I have installed several Indie games by now, and this is the only title that doesn't wanna work, on top of that it DOES load to title and let's me sign in, select device to save and presents me with (A) to start the game and then it crashes with said "(Code 4)"
  7. I don't think this is Aurora issue, but this game does not work for me be it demo or full game, I get Code 4 as soon as I hit (A) to play and goes back to Aurora. Tested in the regular (latest) dash and it does same thing. Just wanted to confirm if others have the same problem, if that's ok. if not please delete this thread TIA
  8. I have Jasper for example and I get somewhere around those temps. So would you say it is OK with Jasper, or should I change target temp in Dashlaunch?
  9. Thank you EVERYONE for the answers and all the help. Apologies I was a little bit cranky, I'll blame frustration for trying over and over and everything I read nothing worked. Finally found one tutorial that someone finally mentioned something, that clicked in my head. Simple answer it was the grayed out avatars! The moment I installed the $$ytemUpdate for 17511 which updated the avatars, it started to work! Thanks again
  10. Thank you I never used 360 content manager, so at first I thought he meant explorer360, but I have just downloaded 360 Content manager and I'm staring at it. I have to find some guides about it. Because I tried to use it and seems like it's looking for FSD and not Aurora
  11. I'm sorry to maybe be a little bit too blunt, but you are "beating around the bush" here at this point. You took time to reply and I really appreciate it, yet you've added absolutely nothing of value to the conversation. I know there is that odd culture of not spoon feeding and using search, but I'm struggling here and problem with search is, that there is just TOO much info out there, at some point it's hard to say what is EXACTLY working, especially when it's not working. I don't know like you but I use forums for the spoon feeding, tailored just for me, because why not? It's just bits and bytes in cyber space, we don't exactly waste paper here. I mean if you're tired of answering the same questions, why not step aside and let someone else answer? I absolutely don't mean any kind of disrespect, but by now, you could've AT LEAST include what is the correct location for the whatever it needs to be in there (which I still don't know what that is by now) And why do I need 360 content manager to ftp? Won't any ftp software like FileZilla do? Thank you.
  12. I swear I can't find anything recently dated. Everything is from 2011, 2012, 14 I don't know if all that information is still current, which is correct? I found the TU thingie and placed it in this folder. Content / 0000000000000000 / 584E07D2 / 000B0000 / tu32000100_00000000 Still not working. I see a lot of tutorials that mention USB flash drive. Can't I just FTP everything?
  13. I'm sorry I forgot to mention, that I have never installed Indie games before, that is first time. I have not even been aware that such thing exists, until I read about one game for PC and I wanted to see if it's on the XBOX 360 and then I had problems locating it as XBLA until I realized there is a whole another "universe" ! So I pretty much don't know anything about Indie, rules and installation.
  14. Hello I have just installed 1TB HDD and decided to do fresh install of Aurora for the first time, because I read that FSD doesn't support covers anymore (too bad loved that Dash) I'm having a lot of issues trying to figure out how this thing even works. Unlike FSD tutorials for Aurora seem to be limited (at least that has been my experience). I can't even figure out how to switch how covers are presented from the default view to like angled or something. But most important I can't for the live of me figure out how to make Indie games work. I read that fakelive and autofake should be enabled, but once cancels the other. People keep on saying to enable TU or something, I'm still not sure what that is and where it's located. When I select Indie game I get: "Gathering Information" followed by "Applying title updates" and then ...nothing. It stays in the menu. I have read many topic and they never had a complete solution. Or at least perhaps I can't fully comprehend what it's being said. Is there any simple step by step, preferably video or with screenshot tutorial anywhere? TIA! EDIT: I have also moved all the content to folder: HDD1/Content/000000000000000/584E07D2/00000002/gameID I don't know if I'm setting the depth correctly, but it finds them no matter what depth I set.
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