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  1. i need last title update for Forza Horizon Media ID 66F3F554
  2. I Have Problem With Character And World Nothing Showing And Save file Not Corrupted
  3. My Problem is when i run Pcsxr xbox freezes then reboot it how i can fix it?
  4. I didn't find if you have the solution tell me or give me the damned websites
  5. The problem is when i go to system link the xbox reboot
  6. I told you quoted my profile non-corrupted from my friend to my console My advice for all backup your profile before you do anything to your console and sorry for my bad English
  7. Thanks Guys for help my profile in console my friend uncorrupted so I moved to my console
  8. Nothing works, what if i uploaded my profile and you guys are trying to fix it ? Please
  9. My friend has my profile in his console, can you give me url of tutorial or what i write in the search box
  10. My Problem is after update my Dashboard to 2.0.17511 my Profile Corrupted
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