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  1. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I don't have a great way to get a video, but try this:

    - load up the default FSD skin

    - watch carefully in the "Open Tray" panel (or any other panel except the "My Games" one with your avatar

    Watch carefully and you'll see a pattern of expanding circles (I call them bubbles) in the background. They drift around and expand.

    My skin has a dark background, so they're more obvious. And I hate 'em.

    Hope that helps.



    If all you really need to do is add a background image, then why not add it to Aurora's Background folder and be done with it, like shown here


    Thanks for that. I may use that in the short term. Long term, I'd like to make and distribute a full proper skin (an xzp file), so I'd like to have it built in. Or distribute my skin with a variety of optional backgrounds.

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  3. Maybe I'll get to animated eventually, but for right now, I'm just looking to add a plain ol' ordinary background image to Aurora. I've got my 1280x720 .png file ready, but I have no idea where to put it.


    I found a tutorial for making animated skins, but that was extremely complicated and a lot more than I needed.


    I succeeded and got my loading screen done, but can't figure out how to do a background image.


    Like I said, nothing fancy, just a static image.


    A cookie for whoever can help!


    Thanks in advance.

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  4. Hi everybody.


    Sorry for posting this all over the place, but I'm trying to get some help.


    I'm trying to make a new skin (starting with a loading screen) and can't do it. The problem is that I can't save my keyframes. I've followed the video posted by felida (http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5378-tutorial-changing-the-loading-screen/) a zillion times, second by second.


    I'm doing the exact same thing he is, just with a different image. But my keyframes won't stay set when I reload the file. That means, of course, that they don't show up when I load the skin on the console.


    Here's a video of me trying to do it.



    Has ANYONE seen this? I refuse to believe I'm a unicorn in this world filled with skins for Naruto, Batman, and a ton of football clubs. I'm starting to go bald from tearing out my hair.


    My system is Win7 32-bit, my XUI tool is version 2.0.21256.0. I'm also missing the "2" key on this keyboard, but that's just because my wifey dropped a golf putter on it. 


    I'll give a cookie (and maybe even a PayPal donation) to anyone who can help me solve this.


    Thanks in advance.



    (Again, sorry for all the x-posts. I'm new here and trying to find an active forum. I have hope for this one.)

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  5. Hi there.


    I'm just trying to change the loading screen in XUI tool. I know how to insert my new image, size it, etc., set the keyframes, but they don't stay set. I export as binary, but when I reload, my keyframes are blank again.


    Any ideas, guys?


    (Sorry for the x-post, but  the "changing the loading screen" thread has been dead for more than a year.)

  6. Hi guys.


    I realize this is a long-dead topic, but I need some help.


    My keyframes won't stay set. I put in my new image, size it, change it's layer order, set all 4 keyframes, save as binary... success... but when I reload it, my keyframes are no longer set. My image is still there, but the keyframe boxes are blank.


    WTF is going on?


    I hope someone still has alerts set for this topic. I know it's been a long time.




    (ps: first post, long-time reader and admirer of the work that happens here.)

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