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  1. i want to update my dashboard to 16547 but i dont know that what is the difference so its stoping me from updating please helpThanks in advance
  2. is your link settings all good i mean that the plugin is active and make sure that your are connected to internet and you are signed in to your jqe360 profile....
  3. Rango

    Fsd black screen

    i fixed this problem some how and the problem was that i had messed with the settings in the content settings which says that deep scan was set to 3 ,try and set it to 10 and see the difference or run the game via xexmeanu
  4. HTTP or FTP..............................I think so
  5. if you are trying to play via E-net cable then check that the cable is properly inserted and if you are going to play online then it could be your internet problem...Thats all in my knowledge correct me people if i am wrong...
  6. go to content settings and delete the entry and re-enter it again and if doesnt work then try putting the game into a new folder or changing its path and after it if it doesnt work then your third option would be to reinstall the FSDThats all in my knowledge people correct me if i am wrong......
  7. Just tell me the minnium kernal required to play this game
  8. Thanks for you information sir Sir i you or any other person can answer my other question that is there any software to over clock xbox 360 or decrease the texture quality in games....Thanks again
  9. well guys i am experiencing many framerate issues in many of my games,i dont know what to do but i just wanted to ask that is there any specific homebrew apps for xbox that over clock it or like decrease the grafic quality of the games to increase frame rate....
  10. Rango

    Cant run ac3 form FSD

    i converted the iso to god but still no luck Now tell what to do
  11. Rango

    Cant run ac3 form FSD

    well i am on 16202 dashlaunch 3.07 and i am using external hard drive on which only dosc 1 is installed which i guess is single player disc.......it not a GOD game its THAT XEX thing
  12. ok i will update once my exams would be over
  13. i cant run ac3 From FSD but when i boot in nxe not fsd then i can run it very well, i even reinstalled FSD but no luck ...
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