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  1. have you tried other external devices?
  2. Filipino here too. We should group up with other LiNK users from our country!
  3. So that I do not have to check its IP address everytime I want to go to F3's web server. What's teamviewer?EDIT:So teamviewer is a software that lets you control stuffs on my computer remotely. Correct? Can you please just give me the instructions and I'll try to do it on my own?
  4. I tried setting the IP using the router under the DHCP settings. But still, no luck. I even tried turning on DMZ for my Xbox's IP address and Port Forwarding but the problem remains. Something's going on here :/I badly want to get this problem solved because I want to play with my cousin over LiNK but the problem is we both fail the TCP and UDP test so we can't see each other.
  5. You mean I should set the Xbox 360's IP address using my router? Any suggestions on what ports should I use? Thanks
  6. Have you tried resetting your router? Probably an IP address conflict but I'm not entirely sure.
  7. Nope. The IP address of my Xbox 360 is manually set. I've been trying to port forward it to my router but it doesn't seem to work.
  8. Yes I have set the IP address on the xbox 360 manually. Thanks anyway
  9. What am I doing wrong?Do I still need them to pass even though UPNP is enabled on my router?Is it true that you cannot host a game if TCP and UDP fails? Screenshots: getScreenCaptureImage.bmp
  10. "Also be sure you have the Avatar/Kinect data installed for your dashboard version !!!" ​Just out of curiosity, why is the avatar/kinect data needed for LiNK? Also, is it true that if you fail the UDP and TCP test you cannot host a game? Thanks.
  11. First of all this is my first time to post a tut/help and I am not sure if this will work for everyone.I highly recommend having a backup copy of your Freestyle 3 so you can just overwrite your original F3 in case you messed with your database. Do this at your own risk.The problem: When going to the Xbox 360 Games in Freestyle 3 or when scanning for games, you see duplicate copies your games next to the genuine one as if you have 2 copies of the game. My initial thoughts on this is that F3 is reading the 44kb files of the GOD games in your HDD. When you delete a game from the NXE, the 44kb file remains. And that's why F3 still reads a game that you have already deleted. It is located here: /GameID/00007000. I tried deleting them, but the problem is still there. I discovered that there are backups of the 44kb files at /GameID/00007000/backup. I tried deleting both of the 44kb files and the problem is solved. Better yet, delete the 00007000 folder if you DO NOT HAVE a GOD game installed inside the folder.There are multiple ways to do this:1. FTP2. F3's File Manager3. XeXMenu's File Manager4. On the Xbox 360 Games in F3, press Y on the game with the duplicate and press Delete. A prompt will show that everything in the path will be deleted. If the path is /GameID/00007000/backup then press OK. But if the path is just /GameID/00007000/ then press Cancel, you don't want to delete that, it's the legitimate one. Deleting it will also delete your game.. (It is usually the one on the right*) This is the method that I used. This will also delete the game on the database so I recommend using this method. It worked for me and I hope this will also work for you guys having the same problem. Good luck!
  12. How many games do you have? Try installing a new copy of FSD3 on a separate directory and see if it plays your games.
  13. Greetings. I have the 14699 dash and would like to update because of the new FSD3. It's an RGH Jasper with an LT+3.0 DVD Drive. Is it safe if I update to the latest dash using this tut? I'm afraid of failure. I don't wanna brick/dehack my box. Please PM me or reply to this post. Thanks!
  14. to what version? by the way my DVD Drive has LT+3.0 firmware, will it get dehacked if I update? Is updating 100% safe on my RGH? Thanks
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