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  1. this type of question has been asked many times, do a quick search on here for the answer.
  2. many thanks I'll have a look tonight when I get in.
  3. hi I hope you dont mind me asking on this thread as it related to my question, I have got Wolfenstien new order ( 4 disks), so is it the same process to copy all 4 game disk as you mention for two disk games. Its am original game, Thanks
  4. Hi thanks everyone, the saved games are there as per begallegal1 instructions, although i didnt get a chance to play any games, but it wasn't working previous to the instructions so i guess it still wont. As for the profile, i do login (well it says i log in when starting), but its a profile I made after jtag, I can try one I made when I used to be on live and start the games again to see if that makes a difference? Cheers
  5. Hi this is my first post, I would have said hi in introductions but couldn't find one:( Any way here is my question, when I run a game on hardisk in god format, the game saves (progress) in gow for instance, they say they are saving but the game starts from the begging like a new start. It means its a pain as I can only progress so far and i have to start from scratch. Any ideas? I do run it in Aurora but I don think its that, or is it? Any help would be great cheers.
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