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  1. By the way the splintercell hd texture pack doesnt have to be unlocked I believe.
  2. My question is, how can I make it show like it's supposed to? Tweaking the overscan settings doesn't help because this is ingame and outside FSD.
  3. It was removed because that function BREAKS controller synchronization. And no, I don't think anyone will bother making an app for it.If you want your ring of light color to be different, buy a modded ring of light like everyone else has to.
  4. Haven't tried Resident Evil 6, but Gears of War 3 works perfectly fine on any game mode.
  5. Give your xbox a static ip. Make sure you enter the correct info at the Gateway and subnet part, to find out what you fill in here open CMD on your computer thats in the same network and write ipconfig /all, write the info down.After you've setup the static IP, go to your routers page which is probably something like and forward the ports you've set within FSD to the xbox's static IP. It can't be easier, if done correctly you won't have any problems. Me and all my friends, who conveniently also are from the netherlands, can find and play with eachother just fine on every game.
  6. The developers have already said even if your NAT is open, it will show up as strict ANYWAYS. WHATEVER YOU DO. Read guys, please.
  7. But one question remains in everyones heads... Will we be able to launch games through this new Web-UI?
  8. Just putting this here again, as no one cared to reply to it earlier. Any fix for this?
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