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  1. Hello, Not sure if this is the right area in the forum and not even sure if this is allowed, but id like to suggest a title for system link / linkup. =) Dragon Ball Xenoverse would be awesome to play with other real players and im sure there would be others interested in it, too! I know there is a lot being done right now, and i dont want to sound ungrateful or to eager now. Just a friendly suggestion! Cheers!
  2. All of a sudden, a few of months ago i couldn't find any games in the rooms i entered... i didnt install/update anything new on my xbox, and for apparently no reason, i was unable to find games... I was able to play them on linkup before, and i didn't find anyone with similar problems on google or here... After a lot of research and testing i found the problem and the solution for my case... Someone updated or changed configuration on my modem and i had to input new ports for the xbox. I had a couple of failures until i came up with this video on youtube: It's in portuguese but i didn't find other links in english... My router wasnt the same as the one in the video, but i found the proper tabs on mine and it worked! Ports were on a value that i had to change to a "fake 1000/1001" port... Hope i helped! =)
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