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  1. When you press either power or eject, does the PSU change? or no? >>>> NO you can try to just unplug the power cord and plug it back in and check if it works... >>> i try this also not working
  2. hi i am open a xell form aurora and i get a black screen, so i turn off my xbox and now it is not boot any more !! idont flash any think iam just try to get cpu key from the network and xeBuild not found my xbox the power unit is orange. and xbox inside have a red light thanks http://imgur.com/vvHFGQv
  3. i have a Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b and i take my NAND file flashdmp.bin >>> 49 MB but the xeBuild_GUI_2.096 say this http://i.imgur.com/lVyUVp5.png http://i.imgur.com/JuKYKbY.jpg
  4. i delete the old save game and delete all TU and DLC Should i Update the kernel ??
  5. Kernel : 2.0.17347.0 Console : Corona NAND size : 16MiB Build : Glitch (v2)
  6. hi iam Download a Naruto game. it was working very well. but in a day i have this problem in the video 1- i am to re-Download it but the same Problem 2- i am try to Copy It in a different usb but the same Problem 3- i take a usb game from my friend and game working very well. then i give him my usb and the same problem done whit his Xbox 4- i copy the game From my friend and but it in my usb and the same proplem so i don't know what is wrong PLZ help Thanks
  7. Hi i have naruto ultimate ninja storm revolution and i was Play it. all was ok but now in the Loading Game The Xbox is do a restart how to fix this plz iam try to Format my ext HDD and the proplem is still , and i try it in a another usb it it is work very well
  8. Does aurora Supports the screen capture?
  9. 3- Yes it is about the profile you use
  10. 1- I make deep scan to unlimited 2- I will try
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