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  1. I like too use my steering wheel...Dirt 2 isn't bad either, had an epic game on blur the other day. 10 players,it was intense and it supports 20 player sys link. I'll add forza 2 and project Gotham to my harddrive. Gotham supports split screen system link aswell so my gf can play so that with me. I'll keep an eye out for your lobbies. My gt is Hustler VER 3 you might aswell add unreal tournament and both quakes too your Harddrives aswell so we can make a good sesh of it, maybe the more people we can get playing with us then more people might join. Together we can fight the tyranny know as COD black ops 2 which continues too brainwash the simple minds of these LINK users into thinking its actually the best think on offer to them multiplayer wise.
  2. I'm in gmt but evry two weeks I'm on night shift so my body's time zone could probably match yours, even if you dnt see me for a week or so I will be back so just have unreal tournament on your harddrive when your ready, I'm also addin quake 4 and quake live arena to my harddrive and maybe shadow run. Feel free to pm me here or on 360iso (same username) as I'm normally between the two site whenever your ready, I'll hit you back as soon as pos and create a lobby
  3. Like the title say I wanna play some of the older title over link, multiplayer and co op.I'm starting with Unreal tournament 3 no dlc, title update 1Im Doing co op campaign first then I'll move onto multiplayer gamesCoop support 4 playerMulti supports botsSupports split screen system linkGamertag is Hustler VER 3, you'll easily find the lobby if you browse the link website- Jqe360dotcomAfter I done some unreal I'll play quake maybe unless somebody suggests something else.Everybody is welcome no matter what country, mics welcome, silence welcome, Cheevo grinders welcome, campers welcome, hackers welcome.I'm posting this on other sites so if anyone can suggest any forums that link user congregate at then that will be good. Thanks guysOh yea and invite your friends aswell
  4. Ok when I get a chance this week I will do it
  5. Please can soeone add Viva Piñata and Viva Pinanta Trouble in Paradise please as these games have system link. Thnx
  6. Thnx for quick reply, yea definitely same update. For example we both started BLUR, found same LINK lobby, joined, saw each other in link lobby, continued to system link menu, found same game, I joined but other couldn't, I exit, other rgh joins no problem, now I can't connect I do have another router, I suppose if I use this aswell as my main router I'll have to reconfigure some stuff and I really don't have the patience right now Loving LINK though and I hope more complain or raise topics about this issue so it can be resolved
  7. keep this short Two RGH's One slim one phat, both on the latest dash using F3 Both hard wired into router UPNP off on router ports forwarded separate jqe accounts SLIM SETTINGS Ports 3071,3072 every game connects when it's alone PHAT SETTINGS Ports 3070,3069 every game connects when alone When they both on together we can see the same lobby's, we can see each other in the LINK lobby! We can join LINK lobby together Both start up game, we can see the same games hosted But if I join a game lobby with my SLIM my PHAT can't join with me and visa versa. We can both play different games at the same time over LINK BUT WE CAN'T CONNECT to same games Like I said we can both connect so same LINK lobbies though What am I doing wrong i never had a problem with xbslink they both connected nicely, is this a glitch with LINK..???
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