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    Hitman F3 r483

    is this for rev 735 or other version of fsd ?
  2. thanks man you helped me and i installed updates and activated it
  3. from now on i will use directly to boot from fsd rather than nxe . i used dashlaunch to link default to fsd it will directly boot it to fsd . can you tell me how to install those updates on xbox like when we enter call of duty ghost in search then updates came and click on download it shows folder name tu00000015_00000000 help me how to install updates . can you tell me from where can i find themes of fsd . and what are your final words on direct boot from fsd. also tell me best xbox torrent gaming site from where can i download games
  4. my questation to all of you is there any graphic difference while loading game from xbox home and freestyle. my innocent questation is if i play god from xbox home those graphics are better than game loaded from fsd or there is no difference in performance . can we installl updates of any game from fsd if yes then those updated improve graphic performance or not please ansew all those questations thanks
  5. i have new e console . if some how xbox get bricket can it be unbrick . nxe means xbox 360 home just want to confirm i know what you are saying but i am confirming that i am getting right. dude you helped me alot any other precautions you want to tell me regarding connecting to internet through wifi . can i get your facebook id so i can contact you
  6. ok sounds good i will use fsd can you tell me how to connect to wifi , through orignal xbox home setting or through any other option . in xbox home setting there are network setting through which we can connect to wifi . and my another questation is on xbox live there is only multiplayer gaming only , game on my jatagged will it try to connect to xbox live for any update or multiplayer connect that can harm my xbox while liveblock enabled
  7. can i download game covers in fsd through internet and patch or install updates of games can you tell me what is procedure of connecting to internet without getting any harm from microsoft ? if i connect to internet do they brick my xbox do i hav to use dashlaunch to connect to internet. i also wanted to know about ftp thanks for help . i use default xbox home because i think may be god runs better and with graphics perfomance also
  8. thankx i'll give it a try i like orignal xbox home rather than fsd so can you please tell me some uses of dashlaunch it is not installed in my xbox
  9. i know there are some videos of getting directly to fsd using dash launch my questation is if i wanted to again get back to default xbox home then what steps i need to take and can you tell me dashlaunch uses. are there any videos of how to use usbmu
  10. yes there is a reason that i dont want to use fsd and aurora to start games because from xbox home it is easy to load games directly insted of going into xex menu and load game or go into xex menu and open fsd . there is a method of directly boothing into fsd but may thats difficult to set . please tell me how to use usbmu to store god and load from ms board
  11. i used god method with some info from internet but it is for disk and it worked . method which i watched from internet is for disk http://digiex.net/guides-reviews/console-guides/xbox-360-guides/9275-convert-installed-games-games-demand-play-without-disc-xbox-360-jtag.html this is link my query is that what is method of making game god from a usb or external hard disk
  12. friends i am new to xbox my console is xbox 360 e console and it is rgh. in recent days i learned how to install xex menu and free style dash and how to install games from them. i want to know how to play from xbox home game menu instead of freestyle or xex menu i have seen a video in youtube a person after installing from freestyle he played game from xbox home game menu please help me in this thanks in advance
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