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  1. like to sort the games in categories xbox360 games kinect games xbla and so on... and if it is possible, how exactly???
  2. apparently i can't even find the unicode version that half of the characters was shown up right, means that i'll had to reinstall xuitt and all he need's to work and recompile my skin. or maybe i was worng and even in unicode it wasn't showd up at all?? for some reason i remember that some of the text worked fine but i can't seems to find this version maybe by the end of the week i'll reinstall xb-Sdk and Xuitt and recheck this thing i have the .xls files which i translated to hebrew i just don't find the right compiled skin
  3. i thought about something, that at least in my head sounds great i have no clue if this idea is even possibly being done. the idea is actually quite simple a "fake xblive service" the concept sounds easy, to modify the rgh/jtag consoles ip list\dns list whatever and to redirect them to a customise server and literally create "modified scene xblive servers" which from them you could play online, download updates, operating systems like fsd and aurora xexmenu and such and potentially even games, my question is if something like this could possibly even done, and i know those servers that could support dozens of thousands of users will not be chip, but it is possible that there will be enough people that will be willing to donate and even pay for this type of service. so why bother if we had "Xlink Kai" there is very simple answer to this, and this is that xlink is faking lan gaming through the internet and most of the latest games, simply dosn't come with lan over lan co op support means that xlink kai can't possibly work with them. and the idea of being able to connect to this hypothetical "modified scene xblive servers" is very charming , for us the modded consoles owners to be able to play online even the latest games like "gta v,cod aw, and so on.." with out the need of constantly replacing kv's or with out the fear of being kicked out and banned, or accidentally draw an update that can harm our consoles, it's amazing dream and to even imagine the potential of this type of service to make a modified consoles "XBL - Store" something like cydia is making me drool a little
  4. yep, i replaced the skin font and the fsd font, to hebrew supported font, but it simply wasn't enough, the fsd apparently using m$ font for some of his texts and therefore those texts wasn't shows up as they supposed to be, my question is if there is any way to modify fsd files in a way that he will work only with the external fonts, hypothetically speaking it wasn't supposed to be that hard you just need to find the line that include the path's to m$ fonts and change them to point an external font in the fsd folder or hdd root or what ever, the only problem is that i have no clue how to do this if iv'e had, i was done it myself. and about aurora, as fine as she looks, it seems that she is in her early stages, you dont have orginaized categories as you have in fsd, there is alot of things that fsd have and i don't seems to find them in aurora, and beside to retranslate 1000 lines, isn't really my cup of tea (=
  5. hey maormagori listen i've allready translated fsd skin to hebrew using xuitt but there was a problem after i finished translate the entire skin and tested it i realised that in 50% of the cases the hebrew characters simply shown as question marks "??????????" when i asked in another forum about a solution i've been told that the only way to fix it is to replace the console original font files from the "nand" something i abviosly didn't really wanted to do, and i simply forgot about it for about a year or so... but i have no problem to upload the translated .xls of xuitt and even the finished and compiled skin. if there is some developer in this forum that will be agree to help us solve this problem in more conviniet way (without modify\replace M$ original files\Fonts) i guess that for me the ultimate solution will be some modification to fsd to make him work with an external font (hebrew supported font) instead of rely on M$ Fonts From the nand
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