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  1. even few time we r not able to connect one xbox ... same awiting conn........ after few min when someone else become the host we join even in between game m out ... lost connection to host
  2. me n my bro ... we both r playing on link with different xbox from home network with differnt link acc.... as we cant host and play together, so i joined to other host... but my bro is getting awaiting connection... and if we joined in same game sometime we get lost connect to host in between game.. need ur help guys..
  3. thank bro i m trying it from last 3 days... but cant.. one thing friend ... why it show awaiting 1,2,3,4 then disconect.... in same lobby room i join the other host... but on other xbox it show awaiting connection... pls give some solution .. will be helpfull
  4. no solution to play together on link through home network using link... differnt link acc... pls guys do something ... so we can pay on link together, as we play on home network systemlink
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