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  1. no not yet im a bit bussy atm with college gonna update my mac sunday and try again
  2. it can be im gonna look at it now and il let you know when i find something ok i have found some new info i have found to enable NTLM V1 on my mac but no success yet all i found in the log for FSD 3 is that it says that it failed to mount :s so thats something link to site for NTLM v1 support on mac https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6754792
  3. don't know why that would matter because ConnectX uses SMB im currently trying to find out if it uses SMB 1 , 2 or 3
  4. Hello i'm trying tro setup connectx with my xbox but without any luck i enter the correct details in aurora the reboot bot the conx folder wont show up. i havent had the change to test it with a windows machine though but my tv, phone and ipad can see the SMB share on the network and connect to it
  5. i dono about that the fastest way to find out is to try it
  6. what do you mean the build in mp3 player ?? or what
  7. ok so i hooked up a separate router and connected the xbox directly to it. i did 5 boots and 2 out of the 5 times it connected to the router so i dont think its the powerlines that are causing the issue so im still thinking its the nand
  8. Ethernet and its in nxe (fsd) and to give you an idea of what my ethernet setup is Router (isp) lan cable to powerline http://www.devolo.com/com/Downloads/dLAN-200-AVplus powerline to pc powerline to xbox
  9. so here is the thing somethimes when i boot my rgh works and sometimes not so like 1% of the time it works 99% not and i cant find out why its happening all i know is that i have a bad block in my nand
  10. hey y'all im looking to buy a CR4 XL and Demon v3 QSB for my slim i cant buy from Xconsoles because i have Mastercard so if some one can offer me a good solution plz let me know
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