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  1. Curiousity more so than anything man
  2. It's not useless at all..... I don't use the internal memory at all, I guess once it's screwed over there is no recovering it!
  3. Same thing here too. Even though I formatted the internal memory successfully it goes back to its Unformatted state - I believe a replace is the only option which anyway is not possible for guys like me with an rgh .....
  4. Sorry about that, somewhat of a novice wrt the terminology ! I had made a mistake in a diagnosing the problem, the Unformatted partition was my internal memory but I had assumed that the xex menu was in my external hdd while it was actually in the internal memory and hence I was not able to see xex or launch it (my friend who did the rgh had put it in the internal memory, only my fsd which I set up later was in the external ). So I put the xex onto my external hdd and all is swell now. Thanks for the help and apologies for misreporting the issue Ananth
  5. Hi, I have a 4gb slim jtag Xbox 360. After quite a hiatus (about 6 months or so), I switched on my Xbox today only for it to report that my internal memory is Unformatted. All of my fsd files, games etc reside on an external 500 gb hdd. Usually I go in to games, launch xex menu and then launch fsd off of there and then play my game but after this problem I don't see xex menu at all..... I don't know what has gone wrong but even though my external hdd is fine I'm unable to use/launch xex or fsd off of it..... Given that I don't use the internal 4gb for anything I'm confused as to why this is happening... I also put in an internal hdd and that too is fine.... But none of the content (both internal and external hdd) seem accessible..... Please help Ananth
  6. Hi, I need some help. I have a xbox slim and I am now trying to get an internal HDD in (to play xbox classic games and also games like Phantom Pain). I have a a Seagate laptop drive (120 GB) and I have a case for plugging in the HDD into the xbox. My question is when I get this drive recognized and in the NXE do a HDD format will I get the compatibility partition so that I can play the xbox classic game? Or do I have to get the partition in manually. I am confused as some people seem to suggest that a mere xbox format will get the new HDD ready for backward compatibility while others state that it is not the case. So how do I do this, please help me Peace Ananth
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