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  1. thanks for the effort but still not successfully here........... My_Great_Game_-_My_Great_Capture_-_2018-02-12_13-59-36.mp4
  2. can you show me how to get these working in aurora 06b my current setup is this hdd/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/tu32000100_00000000 hdd/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/00000002/gameID dashlaunch setup ; when set to TRUE various functions will be spoofed to make firmware think it's connected to LIVE ; this does not compensate for the fact that it cannot contact LIVE servers ; setting this to TRUE forces liveblock to TRUE ; if not set this value will be FALSE fakelive = false (ive also tried this on true) i get a little loading pop up but just pings back to the aurora dash
  3. Hi 1st post here am not a noob to the jtag/rgh scene but did anyone get these indie games working with aurora dash they work flawlessly on FSD and normal dash board just not on aurora 🧐
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