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  1. Hmm. I was just making the another attempt at this time it worked. After the 6 restart. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hello! When I turn on my console today, I got FSD loading and stuck at "finalizing skin environment". Help please. Thanks.
  3. niksun


    What is the name of the plugin? And where is located? Thanks!
  4. niksun


    I don't have any problems with FSD till the update. It's showing that FSDPlugin is not loaded. Please help.
  5. The router is huawei. Also I have to say that when I cant join servers the ports still says "Pass", but I have to change em.
  6. After I play, and turn on again the xbox after 2-3 hours, I can't join any server in any game. I have to change the ports in F3Plugin, and go back to game if I want to play. Can I fix this?
  7. +1 We need this feature. Please
  8. niksun

    LiNK Menu problem

    Can you help me how to do that? Thank you, very much!
  9. niksun

    LiNK Menu problem

    Hello! Today I installed F3 with F3Installer. I checked only "Download latest version" and "Install FSD", without "Remove Existing install". So the installation went smooth, everything ok. After I restarted the console, in the original dash I see there is the "FSD" icon from my old Freestyle Dash 2, and no icon for the new. I run it, and via file manager get to the new FSD3. I setup everything as in THIS (Click) thread, LiNK is "Always On" and I passed everything from the test. Then I start Black Ops 2 with the latest update active, and press the guide button to join room. Here is the problem. It is showing me still the original dash "Xbox Guide Menu". Like in this (Click) picture. What to do now? Thanks in advance.
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