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  1. Assuming whatever mods you did were correct try a program called 360 revolution under tools>package manager,open your profile and rehash resign it. If you used something like lefluffie that program's fix(rehash) is out dated and has corrupted my stuff before. My files corrupted when I took a phat hdd and put it on a slim and that program fixed.
  2. That's strange tried all my browsers all do the same, have to try someone else's PC. I have windows 8 which I had before the site stopped working. Any ideas what it could be? Edit Typed the address in here and it let's me access the site through that, don't know enough about computers but what would be blocking this? No setting of any kind were changed recently. http://freeproxyserver.net/ Edit 2 my stupid Avast antivirus is blocking just that page for some reason.
  3. Haven't been able to get on in weeks ran one of those site checkers and it said sight was fine. Link.jqe360 works except when I login the info on the left disappears but does show me the link rooms. I looked around and saw no one mentioning it.
  4. The TU13 is the only thing that changed since playing recently with no problems, I only found one game out of every public room that I could join, anyone else? Link test all passed. FIxed somehow my dashlaunch settings all changed even though I haven't touched it for a long while, weird.
  5. Make sure you have the latest title update, I noticed on cod:blops2 If I used tu7 compared to tu6 I would get a totally different list of people in the rooms.
  6. We were winning then they started dominating, one guy was standing still and chainsaws wouldn't kill him. I looked at a site that explained how to create rooms but the option doesn't show up for me, do you need to do something special first?
  7. Is there a place to report them? Just had a gears of war game going at least the host and possibly the whole team were invincible in public room 2. Hard enpugh to get a good game going without that kinda crap.
  8. I'm missing a some options from the photos like the chain border tabs and the open tray icon. Lots of missing options and the iron man and dead space stages are a blank bar, I have the latest FSD.
  9. I played last night on 16202 no problem. Maybe double check that everything's installed correctly.
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