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  1. first delete all the black ops updates . do a fresh download and remember to save it to your primary mem unit cache . then set it to active . do not upload it . and you should be fine .
  2. yeah mate , i forgot to install the avatars . now its working .
  3. ok . so i reflashed back to 14719 , and LiNK is working . Is it a dash issue ???
  4. Hi , so i was on the 14179 dash and link was working fine . Today i updated it correctly to 16202 ( dash launch 3.05 ) and whenever i try to join a black ops 2 game it gives me "fatal crash intercepted " and it shuts down . Any help would be appreciated .
  5. link plugin is in settings
  6. ok , so link worked for me initially , then port forwarding issues . now working again . i realized i made a noob error . when you set your static ip make sure you put in your subnet mask id and gateway correctly . Then in general settings in FSD link to JQE first . also remember to enable dev link and ping patch in dashlaunch 3.04 then try the test , remember if jqe passes and others fail still give it a go in game cause tests aren't 100% accurate . Hope this helps . cheerios
  7. thanks for the reply mate . it is probably a website issue . now i cant even get the authentication status going . Will wait for a couple of days and try again . . appreciate it . cheerios
  8. anyone else getting a tcp and udp fail after having played on link the first time ?
  9. hey so i played on link for about 30 mins . i obviously got a pass on the THP and UDP ports . HOWEVER , when i returned to play again two hours later it gave me a fail on both . I kept trying different ports but it kept failing all . ( i did forward the ports each time i changed but still a fail ) . Any help would be appreciated .
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