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  1. Yes, I do have autoscan enabled on startup. I don't have any clue how long it could take to clean up the database. I leave to to professionals If this will be something worth having in Aurora, will be great.
  2. Yes, of course we don't want to remove entries that might be located on USB drives, etc. About being part of a scan. I think it should depend on how fast it will be. If it would take more time than a scan itself, I think it shouldn't be part of a scan and more of a another button on paths menu maybe? It's because the scan shouldn't take more time than needed. I don't think that deleting content is being done on daily basis. At least I'm not doing it regularly but when needed.
  3. After scanning content for new items it would be great if Aurora could scan for missing content (like deleted games in official dash). Than, if something is missing just delete that entry form our database. It would save some time for people for whom official dash is more suitable for checking and deleting unnecessary or unwanted games/dlcs.
  4. I did something similar like you once. After that I have been deleting games from Aurora and the rest from official dash. Anyway, it would be a nice addon to see some script that would check what we still have and what has been deleted and it would clean the database for us
  5. Sure. For me it's not a pain. But I do a lot of changing livestrong. I mostly forget to switch it to false before adding a game. So I tried it few times already and like I said before: never worked. It worked once but I have changed number of screenshots. It has downloaded only another screenshots. And I'm sure that I had a game scanned with livestrong set to true in database.
  6. Downloading missing assets after changing livestrong never worked for me. I had to manually refresh every game. I have less than 10 total so it wasn't time consuming. If you have more I'd recommend deleting your paths and adding them again for a fresh scan.
  7. burak

    very slow ftp

    Here is my FTP log from Filezilla. I have started a transfer and the speed was around 800KB/s where normally I can download 2MB/s without any problems from other sites. From my NAS the speed is around 10MB/s. What can be wrong? The strange thing is that after this connection I have connected once again to Aurora FTP. This time everything was ultra fast. Like normally is when you browse FTP locally. And after few minutes and another try to connect it's once again very slow. Another log is here, this time in English. It looks like it's really something on my side. I have tried FSD again and FTP acts the same. What is strange (as I never seen that before) is a command that's in Total Commander: Server reports local IP -> Redirect to: The connection hangs on that ifno. I'm connecting to the same IP. Why does it redirect me? Maybe it's just me or my lack of knowledge. I will try and figure what's going on. Also I will try a different computer in my network to check how FTP will work.
  8. burak

    very slow ftp

    ETH on my xbox and WiFi on my laptop. My synology is also over ETH. There's no errors. Because it finally connects and I can look around. It just takes a lot of time. I haven't got any time outs or similar errors. I will try and make a log in Filezilla tomorrow with timestamps.
  9. burak

    very slow ftp

    Different computer, unfortunately. I'm using a lot of different FTP sites on my computer and don't have any problems with connecting or transferring files. Connecting locally to my Synology NAS takes a second or two. It's just my xbox that is very slow.
  10. I don't know why but connecting, switching between folders and exploring FTP is very very slow. I don't remember when that happened but earlier everything was ok. I have checked my friends console and it's working very fast. I must wait like 20 seconds just to connect to FTP. Another 5-15 seconds while switching folders and starting any transfer. I've tried two different FTP clients: Total Commander and Filezilla. In both the speed is very poor.
  11. Thank you! And I was sure that I have pressed back button :/
  12. I was trying to figure out which button should I hold to show background art. Nothing works for me... Any advice?
  13. Thanks for your reply. Ad. 1. Maybe it would be possible to add an option that would be used to set transparent (in %) ? Ad. 2. I wasn't thinking about custom, actually I thought about the backgrounds that shows up when you you press details button and are downloaded when the title is scanned. Ad. 3. If you would need anything from me, let me know. I'll gladly help.
  14. Thanks a lot for new release! It's great. But... 1. Is it possible to make Details tab a little transparent, so the art underneath will be more visible? 2. Is it possible to make dynamic background based on what game cover is viewed? I'm not sure how to put it, as English isn't my language. I was thinking about something like XBMC/Kodi does. When you scroll through movies/tv shows the background changes into corresponding fanart based on what is highlighted. 3. Is it normal, that I sometimes I can't start a game (South Park The Stick Of Truth)? It looks like TU hangs. I have to disable TU#3 first, start the game, quit to Aurora, enable TU#3 again and finally start the game. When I switch console off and on again, there's 90% probability that the game won't start and I have to disable and enable TU#3 again. I noticed it on this particular game so far, as I want to finish it before moving onto another one. It happened on custom skim but also on default one.
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