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  1. Worked like a dream as usual. I have a demon and updated the rgh nand. Then booted to normal nand to update only to find MS have now updated to 17148 :/ Oops
  2. Is doing a "clear data" and then rescanning for all covers the best way for me to get my full boxart back? My 270 games only have the front covers after a fresh install yesterday. I don't want to have to do "refresh artwork" on each game. Thanks.
  3. I have this same problem since updating the kernal to 16203 and dashlaunch 3.07 and FSD 735. When ever cold boot all my games and xbla show up twice in the game lists. If I hit the xbox guide button and then Y for it to reload f3 it is all fixed. Any fix for this yet? Ive got one external 2TB usb with all my GOD games, internal for XBLA and use a usb stick for my profile and saves. It never did it before the update.
  4. I too have this problem of not recieving the autentication email. I have tried three different emails. But still never get the email to allow me to create the account. Are you able to help me out? Thanks.
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