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  1. When I had some problems with the update in FSD yesterday, I briefly tried to create a new jqe account. The page to fill out my info didn't show up so i guess the servers were busy and decided to try it later when I had my console back up and running. Today, my console is setup correctly, but the link.jqe360.com website won't let me make a new account. When i click 'Register Free' nothing happens...It doesn't let me fillout anything, just an empty page shows up and I can't make an account. In the meanwhile I can use a friends account to login, but it would be nice after going to much trouble to fix my console that I can't play with link because of this...My friend made his account yesterday, and he alsoo tried today and it also gives him a white page Does anyone come across the same problem? Thx in advance
  2. Darkphizer

    Xbox dead?

    That's what I was thinking, i was using the Metrostyle skin during the time of the FSD update. Well, can't find out because I formatted my drive and i'm stuck on installing FSD. Still figuring out why it keeps shutting down my console all on it's own. I don't have a backup on my pc, should have made one using Party Buffalo. I'll post back when i find out something tomorrow.
  3. Darkphizer

    Xbox dead?

    hi, im new here. But when trying the same update this morning on my Corona 4GB with internal 250GB drive, the same thing happened. I did the update and then it froze on the boot screen. So I disconnected the hard drive and then put dashlaunch on a usb stick, togheter with xex menu. And put the default path in dashlaunch to xex on the usb stick. So I was able to get past the freezing boot screen, with HDD connected again. Then I went from there to my original xbox home, and formatted my HDD. Tried to run the FSD installer, selected download latest version. But everytime I press start, the xbox auto shuts off... I know I didn't have to format my HDD, but it was empty so I went ahead and did that anyway. I keep all my games on a external 2TB HDD. My dashboard version is 16197 and dashlaunch 3.04 So I found a bypass for this, but don't exactly know what caused this. And now I can't install FSD anymore. Didn't mean to hijack topic either, but since i had the same problem and a 'sollution' I went ahead and posted here. Hope this helps.
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