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  1. I have downloaded another backup. I tried it and same after some playin it starts freezing lagging actually unplayable... Dont know what it is... i did almost everything ... It cant be a bad HDD because im playing all games without issues.... Please give me advice...
  2. Hi guys, I have a problem with my PES 2013. All other games are fine, only when i play PES for about 2 hours it starts lagging a sometime its so lagy that the sound start noise and disturbing beeps. Unplayable. What i have done, tried updating to pack data 4.... fail, tried reinstalling the game and nothing all remains same.... The game is in GOD format, and i have the latest dashlaunch and update. Even with older updates its the same. I thought maybe its the hdd, a bad sector or ..... but not after reinstalling and trying defragmenting nothing happens. The last try for me is to download other version and try it, but my question is: Is there anything i'm missing which you guys did, or if someone had this problem and fix it, a share would be nice. TY
  3. Is there a tutorial, for an already RGH-ed console to implement dual NAND and install dual boot solution. I can't find one, i lost almost a day searching for it but there are only confusing information's.
  4. Guys, I have asked a few questions about RGH the past posts, i also searched about improving my xbox and found something interesting so i update it.... What i really want to know is, is it possible to dismount my RGH and install LT+ with the upcoming hw hack from c4e. I have skills to mod the box and to do everything right if i have some advice from expert. Otherwise it would be pointless to do a thing without knowing the correct reaction. Is it also possible to do a dual boot trick to use lt+ and live and also rgh with f3. If someone know this how to do it, please share it... TY VM
  5. Yeap i did it after i post the reply up... I'm happy now.... real happy.... TY guys you are awesome !!!
  6. Guys, I have reallly weird problem. I press the eject button and do not get picture on my tv, i though it is the HDMI. I lookup in the router and i found the ip of the xbox. I typed it in chrome and got access to xell, i've dumped the file i think it's ok My XBOX is Corona Glitch 2, i checked everything got the key with the ip check in the xebuild, i was just confused which one i should select freeboot or ECC. Please help me with that. The main problem is, when i try to access my xbox even on composite cable it cannot boot to xell, it stops glitching and the light is green but the screen is black. I checked the cable and i can boot to dash without problems. Do i miss some folder on the hdd or something.... I'm really confused coz i can access the xell thru IP address and i can't access on the tv the screen is black.... Please help me i'm really disappointed right now. TY
  7. TY mate... this should be a top pinned comment... Nicely done my friend.... briliant.... I have a question. Isn't the xebuild an alternative to j runner, also an easier way to do it ? About the xell, do i really need a component cable to see the screen ?
  8. Guys, Can you please explain to me why someone is talking about updating dash from 14xxxx to 16xxxx so the games can work fine. Is it required for me coz i'm on the 14xxxxx.... I don't have my cpu key a local dealer has rgh it for me, so it would be real mess for me to start from somewhere and do something. Actually i'm a developer and i know exactly how to update my kernel/dash but is it necessary to be updated for new games ? I have problems with hitman, but i saw on a post that someone has figured how to play the game on a dash 14xxxx, it means i can make it also, and it is not a problem for new games. Maybe some tricks can do it for it, i feel newbie with does xex etc. Can someone more advanced help me figured out how, when and what to do for update excluding F3 and dashlaunch (for them i'm up to date). Thaks mates
  9. SP has no problems... not even a bug...
  10. Check devlink... check ip adress and port forwarding... Thats ip
  11. I've just downloaded someones... i can't check it sorry it's deleted but i'm having the same issue so it does mind .... if someone don't have maybe can share his version with us... What about lvling? Is it available ?
  12. But what about the %system update folder that is on the disc. Do i still need to remove it either way ?
  13. We've started to play the best game on earth on LiNK, and everything seems fine. BUT! There is three title update in the menu, actually it shows 4 now the version 1 is twice. When i try each of them random bug appears. First it freezes after match ends (fatal error intercepted), sometimes not. When i try to join someone sometimes it freezes and i need to power off my xbox (CORONA 58c temp NEW ONE, not problem at all in sp) Sometimes when i try to join someone in the lobby it shows fatal error intercepted. I have no problem with joining at system link, but sometimes it crashes when it try to login on jqe, or fails to login. ^^ That's a bug perhaps but it may be issue on the server not on the console. The problem with the ports and the fake fails show up randomly. My question is: Do i have a bad copy of Black Ops 2. I'm playing it in GOD with deleted %system update. Is there something i'm missing. When i use ico2god i always delete %system update, only in one game it was required to be there but i can't remember. A mate told me it must be deleted coz of possibilities of a system update, and a broken xbox. TY Pro's I ♥ your work
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