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  1. Hi guys! I recently started to create a mod for simple 360 nand flasher! The mod adds the ability to choose a drive and folder to read\write to\from instead of only using the files in the XEX folder I would be really happy if y'all can give it a spin and send me some feedback This is just the start so your feedback would be greatly appreciated! Link to github
  2. Hi all! I'm fairly new to 360 homebrew development. I have converted one of my RGH's to an XDK and now the fun begins I want to mod simple360nandflasher to include a GUI and a file selector (choose which file to flash and where to dump). for GUI I could find examples online and in the SDK itself but for file selection I'm completely lost. Does anyone has an open source project which includes file selection which I can peek at? Thanks!
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