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  1. All you have to do is over write your current FSD folder. You'll lose all of your settings and stuff, but you'll have a working version, -the bugs.Also, it will delete your game paths (which it seems in your case isn't a problem) but your games and everything else will be un-touched.
  2. I currently only have XeXMenu out of those three set up, but make sure you manage your game paths, Content >00000000000>Code999. And if for some reason don't show up in the Homebrew tab, (which they should..) go to your game library on where ever they're located, and "Move" them to Homebrew
  3. Go to your game paths and put the scan depth down to 2, if you have DLC on 2nd scan depth then it'll probably show up. And for the names not showing, go to Options in your game library, the go to "Rename". And for the freezing, maybe you're signing in to Kai and it's freezing? Because that's a known bug..
  4. First off, I would like to say hi to everyone as this is my first post. Second, I've seen someone already talk about the Xlink Kai freezing bug, so I won't bring it up. Even though I just did. Another bug, every time I change a game cover from jqe360.com and it glitches back to the original cover. I'll edit this post if I find any more. Glad to be a member! Kind of sad to see how many downloads and how little members. But that's the game I guess.
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