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  1. I'm sure you can technically - you could install TX's Fusion software to the NAND, or RGLoader, and basically create a DIY devkit. Even if you didn't do this, I think you could still technically compile XeX files using the Xbox SDK, and Visual Studio, and then just run them on any RGH system to test them out (although debugging would be a nightmare without being able to see memory, etc.) Somebody can actually close this thread, as I was able to peice info together across the web myself.
  2. Hello, I work full-time as a developer, and I recently bought and modded an Xbox 360; love the homebrew that's available, and I want to contribute by learning how to develop for 360 using the XDK. Specifically, I want to start researching and attempting to port over Mupen64Plus using this newly released ANGLE middleware layer (https://github.com/google/angle). I know this will be difficult, but I want to give it a shot. I have a few questions: 1) I have the Xbox SDK software installed on my desktop, and the xbdm.xex setup on my 360... the 360 boots up, and I'm able to add my 360 in the "Neighborhood" application... but when I click "Open" or "Explore" to view files, nothing happens. I also noticed that certain functions on my 360 (or certain XeX files) crash when xbdm loads on boot. Any idea why this is happening? 2) Can someone point to any good resources for Xbox 360 development? I need to know the optimal IDE configuration, what libraries to download, and where I can find documentation for it? Has any official Microsoft documentation leaked? Or is it available online somewhere? This would be the first time I've ever developed for a game console, however I have reasonable experience developing in Windows, Linux, and various web frameworks. Thank you in advance!
  3. Ok - thank you for the advice. Will spend more time today battling my 360.
  4. Ok, hmm... does the 42 char limit apply to the complete file path? Or just the name? I definitely had some files that had shorter file names than 42 chars. Actually, I believe it is your RetroArch build that I've had issues transferring to Hdd1 via FTP (thanks for your work, btw); I think it was some of the cheat files that failed on transfer. I'm currently running it from a USB stick, and it's working great. If I need to mass-truncate filenames, is there a utility that does this auto-magically?
  5. Hello, I currently have a V5 Corona running Aurora dashboard, and I have managed to install games from ISO, get homebrew running, etc... however, for whatever reason, I cannot transfer certain files via FTP to my Xbox 360. Here is the behavior I've noticed: Transferring many files (irrespective of file size) works fine... however a certain percentage fail. Of the files that fail to transfer, repeated attempts also fail. The same files that fail to transfer also fail to transfer when copying from a USB drive plugged directly into the 360 to the internal 250GB HDD that shipped with the unit. The files that transfer successfully never fail - no matter how many times I retry. I am using FileZilla, and transfering directly from my desktop PC to the Xbox 360 stock HDD. Anti-Virus and Firewall disabled. Bascially, right now I'm forced to run all SEGA emulation off of a USB drive, because I can't copy many of the files/ROMS to the internal drive. This behavior strongly indicates to me that there is some sort of file type/naming/encoding restriction with the Xbox 360 file system. Am I correct?
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