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  1. Sure, done. Not ideal solution parse html page but xml no longer available.
  2. If you need download backgrounds, screenshots and banners images - use Assent Editor. I can`t fix Aurora dash(closed source code) - just wait fix from team or may be catalog.xbox.com back to work.
  3. I fixed Aurora Asset Editor - move from catalog.xboxlive.com requests to parsing game page at marketplace.xbox.com and change xml to html parser. It also contains game descriptions and stars rating that can be used into Aurora dash if xboxlive.com never been available. But I can`t find big covers here (no need for AssetEditor but for Aurora dash).
  4. Here is ver.1.3.1 - compiled from trunk with my fixes (working with xbox.com online assets was broken due http://catalog.xboxlive.com return 404 Server Error now) AuroraAssetEditor1.3.1.zip
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