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  1. Can you make automatic update built into Aurora? That would be comfortable.
  2. Hello. Is there a way to play dlc from internal MU 4gb? I have hdd 20gb inside my xbox but it is out of space now. So I copied my Need for speed most wanted dlc to internel mu. In game dlc showed up but when I launch race from dlc it hangs. Is there a way to play dlc from internal memory without problems? Please help me...
  3. Hddalive finally works. Thank you for your work.
  4. When will be new version realased? I cant play most games from external because my hdd is going to sleep and I get error reading disc;-(
  5. With this version hddalive function doesn'w work. I set it to active and hddtimer to 5s and it doesn't work. My games hangs because my disc is spinning off. I have newest dash, Slim Trinity. Can you help me? I have the file alive.txt on my hdd. On my old Falcon this function works perfectly some time ago.
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