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  1. This does seem to have something to do with routers. Everything working fine with my old wrt54g running tomato. Upgraded to a dlink dir-868l and its been a no go for me. diffrent ports, diffrent internal ip address. Can see each other in the system link room but no longer able to see each other in the game room. Still thanks for the great work to all that help us enjoy our xboxs
  2. Thanks for this. It sounds great, ive been checking back about twice a day to see if its been released yet
  3. Great, thanks, Guess I just didnt google the right thing.
  4. Before my xbox was rgh'ed I installed a couple of games to the hdd. Now I would like to copy those games to my usb hdd but my disk is no where to be found. I tried scanning the hdd with fsd but had no luck. Ive done some digging around through the hdd and found 5.6 gigs in folder 0's/content/4d5308d6 which google tells me is the game im looking for but there is no xex in the folder. Is there a way to retrive the game from hdd1 so I can add it to fsd. It plays fine when I go to nxe dash but wont show up in fsd. Thanks for any help
  5. Worked great thanks. removed hdd from xbox, connected straight to pc, used Xplorer360 Extreme2 to backup partition 2, drag and droped folder named "compatibility" into partition 2 and selected yes to over right existing compatibility folder. Put hdd back in xbox, selected xbox1 game that was packaged using iso2god and it worked no problem. Thanks again for the tut.
  6. not sure about the custom skin but the box has only had fsd 3.04 on it. Its was rgh about 3 weeks ago. I used Xplorer360Extreme2 to delete the freestyle dash folder and then burned iso to cd, put cd in and ticket all boxs then I get fatal error intercepted and it crashes. Any ideas???
  7. First let me say thanks to everbody for the work done on all the progs that make the RGH consoles so great. Im a rgh noob, I took the update for fsd today via the auto feature, when told to restart dash I hit power button on box then hit Y and when I got to the part that says hit any key to restart I turned off via the power button. Now fsd never loads and my box freezes at start up with my xbox hdd attached. The box works fine other than when it trys to load fsd it locks up and some time crashes. Ive tried putting the update on a disk but had no luck. Thanks for any help
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