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  1. So I know this is an old exploit now, but I thought I'd see what exploits are vulnerable to my old xbox one that hasnt been updated in a while, and it turns out that mine is barely vulnerable to this one and I don't think it is to that other chakra exploit. Of the xbox one I do not have updated, the firmware is OS version 10.0.15063.2019 (rs2_release_xbox_1074.170407-2038). So I was wondering if theres any way I can use this one Edit: I have attempted the exploit and the file manager does see the files, but none are recognized as something the xbox can execute. I think I just dont know how to use it though Edit2: I got it all working great, this exploit is very interesting, and really cool
  2. I know this would probably take a lot of work and probably won't happen but I wouldn't mind a PC port of aurora to play my PC games on
  3. So I just finished backing up Just Cause 2 with an 0800 drive and next I used abgx to make it safe for xbox live. It gets almost done (says about 1:00 remaining) and then the computer freezes. I cant cancel with Q and cant close the window. Like 10 seconds later and the computer goes to a blue screen and says I have to restart. When I restart I find abgx never finished. And I dont want to take it online cause I dont want to risk being banned. Any suggestions?
  4. I think it is a cable connection
  5. I think I'm not too sure though.
  6. For some reason, I cannot get link to work on my rgh. It fails every time on UDP and Usually fails on TCP. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't seem to get UPNP to work either.
  7. Yes that yes it. it was a bad plugin. Its working fine now as far as I can tell. Thank You very much for the help!
  8. freestyle dash 3 rev 775 doesnt show up when i hit the guide button. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
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