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  1. Sorry don't know how I missed that* Thanks for the quick reply
  2. Thanks for the new release! However I am getting the following error on both 1.10 and 1.11 release Any advise would be appreciated* *****could not read cba_9188.bin (-1) ***** *******ERROR : critical bootloader files are missing, cannot proceed! ************* ********FATAL UPDATE ERROR ; -1 unable to complete NAND image I am connected to the update server and Dashlaunch (3.11[541]) is running on xbox Flash: Trinity Type: Glitch 2
  3. Sad to hear you guys are disbanding but thank you very much for all the work you have done. Freestyle dash has revolutionised my Xbox! I hope you guys manage to do something better for the bone .
  4. Thanks going to try using different isp's and the DMZ advised above.
  5. Yes both have the identical setting on that information dashlaunch screen in link. Pingpatch is active and devlink is off as recommend. (cant remember which is which but its right as stated in italic on the screen) I did not think it was a port problem because we can both play link just cannot join each others games. Thanks for the input so far guys I have also been reading more into the forums especially this tutorial http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/603-every-thing-you-need-to-know-to-make-link-work/page-3 I am wondering if it could be my ISP? Would not make sense if I can join games though right?
  6. No, but I can try this tonight. Can you give me an explanation on what that does? I am sure I will be able to configure my router as I saw this option by the port forwarding option.
  7. Hi all I am hoping someone can please help me with a Link problem I am having. Myself and a friend are trying to link our consoles We have the same FSD version and Dashlaunch version and kernal ver (FSD 775 and DL 10) On the same network we can play link no problem* When we play from our own homes(over the internet) we can see and join other peoples games no problem. We can even both be playing in someone else's created game. Our problem is neither of us can join each others games. We can see each other on the game join screen but get a timeout error when trying to connect. We have also tried different games to try eliminate the problem but get the identical error. I would think neither of us are able to host a game? One other query, I cannot find anything online about Contpatch must this be on? Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks in advanced
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