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  1. okay guys - i still got no activation mail. i can reset my PW though trough the "forget password" link. email with new PW comes right in my Internet provider email account, the GMAIL accounts dont work with that either. there no PW reset mail enters. BUT - the neq PW i receive is of no use, cause STILL JQE.com says - YOU ARE NOT APPROVED To LOG IN merry christmas folks i`m out of ideas - please help.
  2. something new on this topic? STILL got no activation email - and used up all my existing mail accounts for further trys. anyone got a hint for me? i really miss the registration for reasons. :/(
  3. Same Problem here. Register at jqe360.com check Message --> we will send you an activation email check Email --> never got it, waiting now for 2 days. and pls- dont mention "check your spam", so NO , it`s not in the spam. :-/ Anyone got a hint or solution for me?
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