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  1. @JPizzle is there anyway to look at tech note or source code to get more info on how IP control works on xbox360? It would be greatly appreciated. I would love to control with my Control 4 SR-250
  2. I just want to say Great job this is amazing for a beta. BO2 runs better on LINK than XBL
  3. Hello first post after following the many tuts of this wonderful scene. I have RGH running the newest FSD and dashlauch. I have Googled the difference between xex and GOD. I have opted to use iso2god and saved the files to/Hdd1/XBOX 360 GOD/. I can see the games but when I press the A button they hang and wont boot. All my games in /Hdd1/Xbox 360 XEX/ play fine which I have ripped from the disc that are my backups so I know my iso are fine. I have read that GOD is supported by FSD...right?
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