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  1. i just went on system link, search and found nothing even after connecting to a room in the link setting from minidash. link setting in dash pass fine
  2. got the hard drive working. hadnt properly formatted, now all is good, how do i mark this as solved?
  3. i havent unplugged power. i got as far as turning off after installation, reebooting and now it hangs on xbox intro unless i hold rb
  4. iv installed via beta updates on fsd and installed via f3 installer but it keeps crashing constantly and doesnt load up at all. any help would be appreciated
  5. struggling to do update through auto updater in settings, try running from usb and i get fatal crash everytime, not sure what to do
  6. hello, im trying to to use my 1tb external powerd usb hdd and freetsyle nor xbox will pick it up. any ideas?
  7. no tried that doesn work. cheers for the suggestion though
  8. pretty simple this one probs, but iv looked for a readme and info, it can access webgui but not acutall able to get into the box, havent got a clue what the password and usernam is. cheers
  9. silly question but is livestrong on or which ever it is that locks even the simple access to live?
  10. gingeee85


    cheers, will have a look at jqe now
  11. gingeee85


    quick question, how do you get the ful box art? i notice some have full and some only have front with the fsd styl rest of box. cheers
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