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  1. Hmm I don't have much experience with external hard drives but from my understanding, shouldn't there be an option in the settings to format the hard drive? Also one question, I do not quite understand what you mean by a transfer cable? do u mean an usb cable?
  2. Look in the credits: Kernel version 2.x.x.x.x something like this i think. thats your metro dash version
  3. For anyone that keeps getting the F3 crash, after updating the F3 through the F3 installer (remember to remove the old one), just restart the xbox and it will work. Atleast it did for me.
  4. Just for anyone that wants to know. I confirm that you can use the F3 installer to install this version of F3
  5. Great!! can't wait to try it out.!! P.S: one question though, can i install this through the F3 installer?
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