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  1. I suppose I will report the games that have had problems. I have been using this for a few weeks. Chrono Cross: CG cutscenes have no audio or messed up audio Final Fantasy 8: CG cutscenes have no audio and are a bit stuttery (which is very strange because I could have sworn it worked before, but I can't remember.) Tobal 1, Tobal 2, and Ehrgeiz: In game FPS runs at a fraction of what it should with frequent FPS jumps to 60. Everything else is fine except the menu in Tobal 2 which has no words on it. Crash Team Racing: Hangs on "Sony Computer Entertainment presents" screen. Soul Blade: fatal error when loading a match. Bushido Blade 2: Hangs on startup.
  2. YES! This is what I have been waiting for! I hope there are frequent updates.
  3. Thanks. So the problem is probably not serious. Formatted the drive on my other xbox. I will be getting a external hard drive soon so perhaps it will clear up these problems.
  4. I am still using a transfer cable with a standard 120 xbox 360 hard drive. I kept all my games in a folder called "Games". Inside the Games folder I had an XBLA folder and a retail folder. I recently ran into a big problem. I was installing some games from retail discs on my hard drive and they installed just fine, but my XBLA folder was gone. My space calculations also seem wrong. I only have retail 10 games (each game only around 6 gigs) installed and it says I only have 17 gigs free. I believe the content (which is 24 gigs) of that folder is hidden somewhere on the drive. Any help? Also on a side note, I was playing Sonic and Sega all Stars Racing Transformed 2 player and the game played fine until we went my friend used a certain item on a certain map and the game slowed to a halt and crashed. My xbox gave a red dot. I was playing later and it froze on a loading screen. My sound also occasionally cuts out for a few seconds on various games. Are things like this common? Should I be worried? Are these perhaps hardware problems or faulty soldering? I was hoping I could just chalk the freezing up to a bad ISO.
  5. Rulp

    Jtag HDD questions

    Thank you all for the responses. @HereShomethindGoes I am talking about the official xbox 360 transfer cable http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003S9WJ9A/. It is strange because when hooked up to my xbox, the hard drive is recognized as "Trasfercable" and "TransfercableXbox1". When I hook it up to my computer, it does not recognize it because it is not initialized. I know how to get around that. Anyways I think I am just going to get the tools and remove the hard drive form it's case. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Rulp

    Jtag HDD questions

    Thanks for the response. I don't really know much about the actual methods used to "hack" a xbox, but I am fresh off the original xbox scene so all the things I encountered so far make sense. Thanks for correcting me. I already knew about removing the hard drive from it's case and putting it in the xbox, but I don't have the specific tools to do that right now. I guess I will refer to the TUTs, but I doubt I will find the info I need. If someone just happens to know if I can format my 120 gig xbox hard drive to FAT32 through the transfer cable and then use the hard drive with said transfer cable as an external hard drive on my xbox, please let me know.
  7. I just got my new Jtag slim ( using freestyle 3) the other day and I am very excited to dive into the scene. But first I have to solve a problem. I did not get a HDD with the new xbox and I don't have a spare for it at the moment. But I do have my old 120 gig HDD from my old xbox and a transfer cable. I essentially was trying to use it as a external HDD, and to some degree that worked. I ran a few titles and it all seemed fine. But then I tried to set a game path and that's where the problems started. I set the path to a folder in the root called Games. But when I saved the path, it also saved other paths (ex: onboardMU\Games) and it could not find my games. On top of that it will not let me delete these paths. I concluded the problem must stem from the fact that the xbox HDD has not been formatted at all, it is using whatever file system a normal xbox uses. Now I am wondering if I can use my pc and transfer cable to format the HDD to FAT32 and basically use it as a external HDD for my xbox. I have read that formatting can cap the HDD of at 16 gigs, but my main concern is if the xbox will recognize a FAT32 HDD through the transfer cable?
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