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  1. ALWAYS report players for cheating by clicking on their username and reporting them. And ALWAYS write their username and LiNK ID down and then give their name and LiNK ID to the Admins here or to JQE in the chatroom on here. They will take care of it. I always make sure to report cheaters straight to the people in charge, that way you make a difference.
  2. Does FreeStyle Dash let you download it? You can also find TU's for OPS 2 here: http://www.xbuc.net/browse/?search=black%20ops&page=8&page=1 But I can't find yours in it. But there are other TU16s for other Pal versions of the game. Why don't you just get a different version of your game? Like a different Pal version or an NTSC-U. Because there is no difference at all in what type of game you have, they are all the same. And its always good to update, I hate people who don't update, makes no sense.
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