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  1. thanks for replying mate you commented, I do not appear in the wed discharge of the TU16 for TU Media ID my game (2216717A) only appears for other media ID from other games. e been looking for the game to download cod black OPS2 other PAL version but with different ID Media and all who have found the link to download Fallen or without service. you would know or could tell me where I can download this game in PAL region with another ID Media other than 2216717A? Greetings and thank you ..
  2. hello mates I will see the Cod Black Ops 2 in PAL version for my country (Spain) and I find the TU16 for my game, I have this Media ID my game 2216717A. could someone tell me where can I download? or not to come out this version TU16 for this version of the game? thanks ...
  3. as you confirmed that sends you email JQE360.com to validate your account? may be that your problem .... greetings.
  4. hello mates I want is to play in interconnection LINK with my brother and other user but having this problem will see this: I have 2 Xbox at home with rgh and connected to the same network wifi internet, when I connect to my brother link and make a game I can not see your created items, not shown me his departure. however other user if they get into your game and can play, but I do not appear in my other Xbox departure .. know someone tell me why this happens? have each Xbox with a different account of LINK and Xbox ports each are different as are the IPs of each Xbox before and had another router if I could see the games that created my brother and get in and play with them, but yesterday they installed the fiber optic home changed the router and tried to play last night that my brother and I realized it did not appear the items we created both like me .. any help xd, i am very angry with this issue ..... Greetings and thanks in advance .. NOTE: ya and read the post that recommended companion Mossman70 on this issue, and I recommend changing router by one thousand milliens 7800 or something, I live in Spain and do not know where I can find that router, plus my current router is something special as it is a router for fiber optic, or is a normal oruter Connect to wired network ... Greetings.
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