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  1. Problem Resolved Swizzy, you gave me the idea to try with another memory device and thats was the problem. I used a 8GB Memory Flash, and the flasher run perfectly. Thank you!
  2. Where do you run it from? I just copy and Paste the folder into the root of my HDD (the same that has all my games). what do you use to transfer it to your console? I connect my external HDD to my computer an use windows 10 to transfer the folder to the HDD, then plug the HDD to my console. what do you use to run it? I try to run it through the Xexmenu 1.1 and the Aurora 0.5 getting the same error. the path in the Usb0 is : \Xbox360\System\Usb0\Simple 360 NAND Flasher\Default.xex Thank you!
  3. Hi Swizzy, My current Dash is 2.0.16547.0 and I did my research and I'm pretty sure that I have a Corona. I've been trying to update to the latest dash without luck. I haven't been able to make the backup of my nand. My problem with this flasher is when I open the .xex I got the 'GAME ERROR' windows. So I haven't been able to even open your flasher. I try already with the version 1.2, 1.2.2 and 1.4B. All of then not working for me.. Any clue why? Thank you very much!
  4. Hi friends, two days ago i was playing prototype 2 first time i play then suddenly my xbox shut down and turn on two red light, the numer 1 and 3. the xbox still working but past a time do the same thing. recently i hace instaled f3. if someone could help me.. hola amigos, hace dos dias estaba jugando prototype 2 la primera vez que lo juego derrepente mi xbox se apago y se le prendieron 2 luces rojas la numero 1 y la 3, la consola sigue funcionando prende normal pero al pasar un rato sucede el error otra vez. lo unico que le e cambiado es que hace poco instale el f3 no le e echo nada ademas de eso. si alguien puede ayudarme se lo agradeceria muchisimo
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