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  1. just got home... will look into dashlaunch thanxs
  2. little question, if for what reason i get an disc error... i go to the NXE and not F3 where can find a setting to force always F3 ?
  3. just tested it out with assassins creed 3. removed the TU. Downloaded the latest TU With F3. i see it and i can select it. @registreerimata do you have internet ? What do you see if you select the download TU update. What do you see at the botom ?
  4. kloenie

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    Just Awesome. Did not use Xlink because to mutch work to get it work... Also it was not handy to tell my buds how the needed to set it up.. This is Way Better
  5. Hi there, am a big fan of Freestyle, al from the beginning. i have updated to F3 and want to play Assassins Creed 3. The game is working as GOD. But if i change the setting to subtitles on etc. i get every time an popup : The settings cannot be saved because there is no save device. however, i can play the game, and it saves the save game... but i don't get the achievements for it and the options don't save. What can i do ? It is a Jtaged Falcon. thanxs
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