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  1. well, i tried deleting the saved game files multible times and actually, i never got further from adjusting brightless options. quess i have to build my gamertag from scratch, again. thank you for the quick answer. //edit: just came up with an idea. maybe it works, maybe not. if i save the game with another gamertag and then just use that save on my own, it might work.
  2. hello, i have run into a problem with forza horizon. i can't play the game, because i get the "tampered profile" error. i would like to stick to one profile only, so any suggestions how to overcome the problem? thanks!
  3. great guide, finally managed to update my system... (but there were times I though I messed something up )
  4. well everything seem to work as it should be - updating did the trick. thanks!
  5. Well I actually thought that updating via game is prohibited, but thanks for the remainder!
  6. Hello, I noticed it yesterday, after being away for a month: when I boot up and F3 loading screen pops up, it loads quite a while and when starting a game, it takes 20-30 second for game to load (it seems like dash has crashed). Any advice to speed things up? One more question: is it safe to update with new games? Just got the new Hitman game and remembered that I am on older dash version... THANKS!
  7. the problem might have occured because i didn't log in with my xbox user. after i signed in, everything worked well and old TU showed up again. thank you for quick response!
  8. hi, i have problem with title updates. basically, there are none. when i choose titles updates under a game and then trying to download them, nothing happens. everything worked great on fsd2.2. any advice? also, some cover arts are messed up (gta iv has episodes from lc cover). do i have to change them manually? //PROBLEM SOLVED!
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