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  1. Done!!! also updated the DashLaunch XD Thanks a lot
  2. When you say "Here", this will work? http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4452-aurora-04b-released/ Looks simpler than i thought, thanks a lot
  3. Hi there I think is time to give Aurora a try, but i'm a F3 user with XexMenu 1.1, (versions in the screenshot) So i'm a little confused about which download is the right one to make a clean (first time) installation of Aurora 0.4b (no updates) And, if i screw up, can the normal method via Xexmenu bring me back to my old F3? [non native english user by the way] I hope anyone can point me in the right direction
  4. WhatchDoges!!!

  5. Not sure if F3 or Aurora

  6. Talking about fast replies... i'll give Aurora a shot in a couple of months, thanks again
  7. First of all, i want to state that English is not my native language. That said: i want to thank TeamFSD for making the F3 Dash, it made my petty gamer life easier, and finally said my mountain of disks goodbye. i got my 3 year old xbox360 modded last year, first 3.0 and finally RGH, or 5.0LT as know in my country. F3 Dashboard is awesome, easy to recover, works wonders in my 750gb hdd (it even runs Watchdogs!!!1) sadly our country ISP are very cheeky about secondary services, ports and all, so multiplayer is very far from become a reality, doesn't matter, not a multiplayer fan. But, moving forward i realized that TeamFSD disbanded (T_T) so for the sake of keeping my xbox up to date, i'm a little confused about what to do now. Should i Keep my F3 Dashboard? (Current Version 755, can't remember other version info right now) Is possible to change the dashboard to another more updated and also, stable? Any compatibility issues? Will my games work, or do i need another method of game extraction? (most of my games are extracted via ISO2GOD, watchdogs via Xbox Image Browse) i don't really care about online gaming, so this must be an easy decision for any of you guys out there willing to lend me a hand Keep up the good work
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