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  1. So, only giving the idea. This skin is what keep me trying use Freestyle. A Clean Dashboard without delete and configuration inputs activated maybe by password or config file. We never know when someone will press the wrong button and delete something, then if is possible and interest the comunity implement this feature post here your toughts. Since it comes from a skin, I posted it here. Or maybe another solution could be extract the covers and descriptions from aurora and inject into freestyle acessing via browser but i dont know even if it is possible.
  2. If we could change the child proof skin by code or password. Not viable?
  3. I loved the skin, but it needs a vault to return to defalt theme. Maybe a hidden combination of keys or a password because need to use ftp every time is annoying. I´m saying this because sometimes all you want is lock dangerous features while you is not around. Think about it. Regards
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