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  1. Yes, I also tried to login using username and e-mail and none worked.
  2. I'm having issues connecting xboxunity. I asked for a new password, received the code but it won't work. It keeps asking for: Login to JQE360, Please enter your username and password.
  3. Thanks for your input but how have you installed the 16202 hacked dashboard and DL 3.05? Manually? I can install the avatar update using the flashdrive but can't edit it. Tried one create a brand new user same happened. It worked in the past but now (since 3.00) it´s broken.
  4. Has anyone noticed a few versions (since 3.00) it is not possible to edit avatars while DL is loaded? Like the problem on BO2, it has to be unloaded to get to the AVATAR EDITOR on 360, or it keeps rolling the circles forever. Tried using fakelive and no go too. Any chances to get this fixed? Cya!
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