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  1. quick question, my box boots straight into fsd. Ive put the update folder on a usb but nothing happens. A few pointers at this point would be good. Thanks
  2. Try this. go into your library and click on any game that appears twice, lets say you have dead space 2, both discs, so when you look at your library dead space 2 appears 4 times?? Right, first of all make sure you are not going delete/move both disc 1 or 2's then click on each game box for disc 1 and 2, press "Y" and select move.then select "No Section". This will fix your problem of games appearing double.
  3. My official dashboard is 2.0.14719.0. How easy would that be to update and sort my avatars outs Jpizzle?
  4. I could do with sorting my avatars out. Since Ive had my rgh Ive had invisible/blank avatars. It hasnt bothered me but becsuse im going to get my slim fitted with a demon and CR3, I suppose I could do with learning this stuff. Its all hood but Im just lazy. I had my fat done about a year ago. Does it matter what official dashboard it is??? Sent From Tapatalk 2
  5. What about updating! I mean Xbox live updates? Safe? Obviously I need to update so I can use XBL. Just update as normal through xbl??? Thanks Edit...........Im all good to go, I just need one of you experts to install it for me. Ive been watching youtube videos ..............and Im screwed, my soldering skills would kill the project instantly
  6. Cant see the point in that myself. Youve already got a reset data option and when you delete or add a game, just rescan. Saying that, if you delete or add games then do a data reset, FSD automatically scans. Sent From Tapatalk 2
  7. Can someone please do me a favor?? Help.me out?? Having a nightmare trying to get the castlevania lords if ahadow trainer working. Thanks guys Sent From Tapatalk 2
  8. lol, I havent got the bottle. I can find someone in the UK, I dont think that will be a problem, Im jst hoping someone can recommend me an installer. So, whats the best way to set my gamertag up on my dual nand (once Ive had it sorted). I thought you cant use the same gametag on a dualand then use the same one on xbl??
  9. Just ordered a tx demon and Coolrunner 3. Im going to get my slim modded with this dual nand gear. I will be looking for someone to do it as Im not all that clued up on this stuff. I do have a question though, how do you create a a gamertag that you can use on FSD?? Am I right in thinking that you cant use the same gamertag on a dual nand thjat you do on XBL?? Is that right?? Thanks in advance guys
  10. All done thanks. Great having a bigger hdd. That was so easy to do. Im slowely learning this stuff as I go. Thanks irishdave and BL4K3Y
  11. I connected the 120gb hdd to my rgh and formatted it in settings/memory. Ive used the F3Installer.iso on a disc and installed FSD. The process runs smoothly, however, when it finishes, it goes to the dash launcher. I need to know what to do next because, if I just ignore this and press "B", it just takes me back to the official dashboard. Theres no sign of fsd 3 when I press xbox guide button. Do i have to configure anything is dashlaunch??? Thanks in advance guys
  12. Just been given another xbox 360 hdd, a much bigger one than the one I was using on my RGH. How can I install FSD onto this hdd?? Just run the iso?? Is it as simple as that??? Thanks
  13. its not installed, just checked
  14. I didnt know this. How do I do this?? Launch DashLaunch and fins xbdm.xex and delete it manually? Sent From Tapatalk 2
  15. Yes but I usually FTP all the files in each trainer folder into whatever directory, the trainer uploader/creator advises Sent From Tapatalk 2
  16. A lot of trainers include a enginedll.xex but a lot dont. A lot of the time theres only two .xex files, one is a launch_trainer.xex and the other is another .xex that atm, i cant remember what its called. Im now at work so Im screwed till i get home tomorrow morning. I will then be able to try and sort out my problem:(Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  17. 360Haven. They uaually work a treat. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  18. Yes, I have been doing. Ive tried trainers for the new devil may cry game as well as trainers I know that work 100%, like dead space 2 and hitman absolution. Im at a loss. Im thinking of reformatting my RGH 360's hdd and reinstalling Fsd3. Is this easily done on a coolrunner rgh phat console???! Thanks Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  19. Ive been trying a few game trainers but since Ive reinstalled my FSD3, none of them work. Is there any setting either in FSD3 or Dashlaunch, I may need to activate/deactivate?? Tried the same trainers before I reinstalled my FSD and they worked ok! Any help or advice with this will be very much appreciated! Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  20. How do you configure the update paths?? I would like to set my FSD up so it automatically update. Also, are there any plans to incorporate trainners within FSD 3? I mean there was an option for trainers within the game menu settings in library. This would be great if trainers could be activated and deactivated from within the same menu.
  21. Having a bit of trouble here. Ive pressed eject and Im into xexmenu, its scrolled through but rigth at the bottom under Looking for xenon.elf or vmlinux on usb/cd/dvd or user defind file via TFTP, it looks like its searching for something as info keeps on flashing up but each time its "trying................" Need some help here guys, thanks in advance
  22. Can I convert this into an ISO?? Imgburn?? Cheers guys
  23. I will have to take a proper look on my xbox360 hdd. Must be somewhere there becasue its in my official dashboard.
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